Handy tips with electrical expert

But when it falsely sounds off… that can be extremely annoying! Especially if it’s in the middle of the night… or when you’re cooking dinner for guests.

Reasons for a False Alarm.

• The battery may be loose or installed improperly

• The sensing chamber may be dirty

• Humidity, steam, or other environmental factors

• An electrical condition may be causing power to the unit to be interrupted

• The alarm may have reached the end of its life

Here’s how you stop it.

Firstly, try and swap your old battery… with a NEW BATTERY!

If that does not work… and it keeps BEEPING… you can try cleaning it. DUST may have built up inside the smoke detector. Simply rotate it from its base… and if it’s wired… you need to disconnect it from the plug on the back of the smoke alarm.

Then make sure the battery has been removed. Press and hold down the ‘TEST BUTTON’ on the front of the alarm… for about 20 seconds.

Using a can of compressed air… you can blow out the dust from inside the SMOKE ALARM… including all openings and the battery case. You can purchase a can from your local office supply store.

Once the smoke alarm has been cleaned… ‘replace the battery… reconnect any wiring… and secure the alarm to its base.’

That should do the trick… BUT if it’s still beeping… it may be faulty and needs to be replaced.

Call our expert team at your Local Electrician… on 1300 000 LOCAL to arrange a SMOKE ALARM replacement.

And did you know… while we’re there… we can perform a FREE – electrical switchboard safety inspection?

Using a powerful THERMAL HEATING CAMERA… we can quickly detect any potential corrosion or damage.

It’s just another way… we’re ‘KEEPING COMMUNITIES SAFE!’

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