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Smoke Alarm Testing & Installation Service in Melbourne

Many of us might not know that a handful of our primary senses like smell are subdued the moment we go to sleep. Within 2-3 minutes, a small flame can grow to fill an entire room. Nothing can substitute safety, so our licenced electrician recommend you to get professionally fitted smoke detectors at your residence immediately.

Smoke Alarm Testing Melbourne
Smoke Alarm Installation Melbourne

What Is a Smoke Alarm?

Smoke alarms are electronic devices that stand ground round the clock to sense smoke as an indication of fire. Smoke detector installation is now compulsory for every home. If you have already installed smoke alarms, ensuring that they are working properly is very important. We offer quick smoke alarm testing in Melbourne for your home, office, or business. Our smoke alarm services include
  • Inspection and cleaning
  • Vacuum for dust and insect debris
  • Replacement of battery
  • Manual push-button test
  • Replacement of the alarm (if approaching 10 years)
  • Sound pressure test (decibel level)
  • Artificial live smoke test

How often should the Smoke Alarms be tested?

The smoke detector testing routine is as follows:
  • Every month, the smoke alarms should be tested by pressing the test button to ensure the alarm & the battery are working properly.
  • Every six months, the smoke alarm is supposed to be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner. This ensures that any dust particles preventing the smoke alarm from working are removed.
  • Once a year, you should get your smoke alarm battery replaced. A good tip to remember is to change your smoke alarm battery while you change the clock at the end of daylight savings.
  • If you have a smoke alarm with a lithium battery, the alarm will be inbuilt and cannot be changed.  You will have to replace the entire unit once every 10 years.
  •  Smoke alarms do not last forever as their sensitivity reduces over time. Regardless of the type of smoke alarm you have, it should be removed, replaced, and disposed of every 10 years 

Top Quality Smoke Alarm Installation Service in Melbourne

Local Electrician is a team of professionals who are skilled and certified and have years of experience and expertise in the industry. We are good at installing smoke detectors across residential, industrial, and commercial properties. We deliver prompt and professional electrical services anytime you need them.

Why Is It Essential To Hire An Electrician For Installing Smoke Alarms?

Safety is our top priority and it is imperative to ensure that your smoke alarms are up to date with the rules and regulations. We offer professional smoke detector fitting and electrical safety inspection to ensure that your family and home are safe.

What are the 2 types of smoke alarms?

Here are the two types of smoke detectors widely used in Melbourne:

Photoelectric Smoke Alarms: These are the latest technology smoke alarms that use the reflection of light to identify the entry of smoke particles into the alarm chamber. Recommended by both the Melbourne Fire Brigade (MFB) and The CFA, photoelectric alarms are effective in identifying slow-burning, smouldering and smoky fires that fire off most houses.

Ionisation Smoke Alarms: These are the most common type of smoke alarms used in Victoria as they have been around way longer than the photoelectric model. Ionisation models can detect fast-flaming and clean-burning smoke caused by kitchen oil fires. But they are less likely to detect slow-burning smoke in its earlier stage.

Smoke Alarm Installation Service Melbourne

Where the smoke alarms should be placed?

Spread the smoke alarm throughout the space as you want everyone in the house to hear it when it gets activated. Place smoke alarms on every floor if you have a multi-storey building. Link all your smoke alarms so that everything gets triggered when one smoke alarm gets activated. This will ensure that everyone in the house hears the alarm and takes immediate action. The alarm should be installed on the ceiling at least 30cm from the wall.

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If you fit the alarm on the wall then it should be at least 30cm away from the ceiling to avoid dead air space. Call us now on 0457 004 206 to get smoke alarms installed by our experts and ensure that your family and home are safe 24*7. 

Victorian legislation states that houses should have 240-volt mains-powered hardwired smoke alarms with a backup battery.

When there is beeping without smoke, you should clean your device or change the alarm battery.

It is a document provided to you after the installation or maintenance of smoke alarms. This serves as a standard certificate and a logbook.

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