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Switchboard Upgrade, Installation, and Repair in Melbourne

Switchboard is the central hub of the entire electrical distribution of your home. The power travels from the street to your switchboard and is then directed through the various circuits in and around your home. It all begins at your switchboard and it is important to keep your home electrically sound. Our experienced, reliable switchboard upgrades service in Melbourne will ensure that your family and your home are safe at all times. 

Switchboard Upgrade Melbourne
Switchboard Installation Melbourne

Signs You Definitely Need a Switchboard Upgrade

We have curated a list of signs which indicate that you need an immediate switchboard upgrade:

Your switchboard is overcrowded and there is no more space: Your switchboard will be generally located on the side of your home or near the metre box. If the switchboard is overcrowded, you will not be able to add additional circuits for air conditioning, pool pumps, and solar. Overloaded switchboards cause safety hazards.

Flickering Lights: There are a lot of reasons like overloaded domestic switchboards, loose wires, or bulbs that can cause flickering switches. It can not only be annoying at times but it can also be quite dangerous. Our licensed electricians will thoroughly check your lights and recommend an electrical switchboard upgrade if necessary.

Melted or Blackened Fuses: This is a definite sign of an old or damaged fuse that needs immediate replacement. When your electrical fuse is damaged, they are unsafe and it is better to avoid touching it with bare hands. Get it checked by our skilled electrician.

The circuit is often tripped by your appliances: Older circuits are not power-efficient and are often prone to short circuits. In the current scenario, you might have a lot of appliances that might overload the current circuits. Older switchboards will not be equipped to handle a lot of appliances at once, and this might cause dangerous short circuits.

Burning Smell: You might have an overloaded circuit or faulty wiring if you notice a burning smell from your electrical switchboard. It can be very dangerous and you will have to call our expert technicians immediately to avoid any further damage.

Ceramic Fuses: These fuses provide lesser protection as they are made using olden technology. The chances of electrical fault or fire are high as they have been installed in your house for a long time. They might protect against short-circuits and overloading but not against electrical shocks.

Sparks: The appearance of sparks indicates that there is an issue with your domestic switchboard. Getting an electrical switchboard upgrade service will help you avoid costly damages or electrical shocks.

How Is a Domestic Switchboard Upgrade Done?

  • To enable a safe switchboard upgrade, we will isolate the entire power of your house at your main electrical switchboard.
  • All the old circuit protection devices and fuses will be removed.
  • 8-12 pole enclosures will be installed in your house along with new circuit breakers and RCDs.
  • According to the updated electrical standards, your circuits will be reconnected into a Circuit breaker/RCD combination breakers to ensure the safety of your family.
  • Our electrician will thoroughly inspect your Main Earthed Neutral (MEN) to ensure that the earthed conductor is in proper condition. If any fault is found, we will recommend upgrading the conductor to ensure that your home is electrically grounded. 
  • Throughout the installation, we will carry out 7 mandatory electrical tests to ensure that there is adequate protection and no underlying faults or issues.
  • Our standard electrical switchboard upgrade service will take up anywhere between 2-4 hours. 
Switchboard Upgrade Melbourne
Switchboard Upgrade Repair Melbourne

How Much Does an Electrical Switchboard Upgrade Cost?

Switchboard upgrades generally vary from one home to another and one budget to another. We will upgrade your ceramic fuses with modern and safe RCDs and circuit breakers. Before finishing with the testing of the entire installation, Local Electrician will rewire all the cables behind your panel. To make your home as safe as possible a domestic switchboard upgrade might sometimes require additional services like the replacement of asbestos panels and corroded electrodes, the addition of new service fuses and smart metres, consumer mains upgrades, among others. Electrical switchboard upgrade cost depends on a lot of factors like

  • The number of circuits you have
  • The number of circuits that need RCD protection
  • Whether it is necessary to disconnect the service
  • Whether it is necessary to disconnect the metres
  • Whether the consumer mainly requires an upgrade
  • Whether the asbestos panel requires a replacement
  • Whether it is a 3-phase supply.

In general, the average electrical switchboard upgrade cost ranges between $800-$1500. This will be the price before any level-2 electrical work or service disconnections. There will be an additional cost if you require any of the additional services.

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New switchboards provide you with a lower risk of shocks and electrical fires, lower chances of circuit breaker tripping and fuse getting blown. In addition, your home and family will be much safer with the new upgrade. 

Yes, if you have a switchboard with a rewireable fuse then you must upgrade it immediately as they contain copper fuse wires and might cause a safety hazard.

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